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PMP Series of Proportional Controllers, a multi-function complement for NOVA22 Solid State Relays now available

The new PMP Series are panel mounted multi-function proportional control SSRs in a compact 22.5mm housing ideal for applications that require control of the amount of power delivered to a resistive load

PMP Series Proportional Control Press Release Image

Crydom, the global leader in solid state switching technology, introduces the PMP Series of Proportional Control Relays, designed with microcontroller based technology to provide precise control of the power delivered to a single-phase load, with ratings of up to 90 Amps at 90 to 600 VAC.

These solid state relays can control the load power in proportion to an analog control input, which can be a DC voltage (0-5 or 0-10 volts) or a DC current (4-20 mA); as this control input varies from 0 to 100% so does the output of the SSR. The use of an auxiliary DC power supply allows to have good precision and low noise sensitivity over the full control voltage range.

The output of the SSR can be controlled by 2 different methods: Phase Angle control, which works by varying the firing angle of the SCRs, and Burst Fire control (with Distributive Zero Cross), which is a time proportioning method in which full AC cycles are conducted at the output.

Take a look at the specifications

PMP Series Proportional Control

The PMP Series relays are fully configurable. They come with a parameter selector switch which allows to select both the control method and the control input type. The operation status of the unit is conveniently displayed by the built-in LED.

PMP Series Proportional SSRs can be used in a wide range of applications that require proportional power control, and they are an excellent solution for lamp dimming and resistive heating control.

Main features include:

  • Output ratings of 25, 50 and 90 Amps
  • Available in 3 operating voltage ranges: 90-280, 345-530 and 420-660 VAC
  • Selectable Operation Mode: Phase Angle or Burst Fire control
  • Selectable Control Input: 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, 4-20 mA
  • 50/60 Hz Adaptive Operational Frequency function
  • 4-20 mA input does not require an auxiliary power supply
  • LED multifunction status indicator
  • Contactor configuration with "Elevator" screw terminals
  • Optional overvoltage protection (built-in TVS diode)

Crydom’s PMP Series relays are C-UL-US Recognized and CE compliant to the Low Voltage Directive as well as the RoHS Directive.

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