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DIN Rail Solid State Relays

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Solid State Relays

SeriesOne DR, the next generation of DIN rail mount "ready-to-use" solid state relays. This family of DIN Rail mount AC & DC output solid state relays offers a unique and cost effective combination of size and ratings by virtue of its pantented design, which provides greater power density than any other compact SSR in the market.

AC Output DC Output
SerieOne DR Timer

Solid State Relay Timers

SeriesOne DR Timers offer precision and control of a wide variety of resistive and inductive loads. These 11 mm wide DIN Rail mount Solid State Relay Timers offer a total of 18 possible timing variations, ideal for use in control panels for direct control of contactors, solenoids, motors, heaters and lights.

AC Output DC Output

Product Specifications

The SeriesOne DR family offers excellent functionality and diversity. Its AC and DC Output SSRs are available in Single or Dual Channel configurations while Relay Timers are available in Single function, Multi-function or Multi-range versions.

Find the SeriesOne DR SSR that best suits your application needs.


AC Output*
3, 6 & 12 Amps Single channel
6 Amps Dual channel

DC Output*
3, 6 & 12 Amps Single channel

* ATEX Certified models available

Relay Timers

AC Output
6 Amps at 280 VAC

DC Output
6 Amps at 60 VDC


SeriesOne DR Solid State Relays and Timers can be used in a wide range of industrial applications, including the following:

Motion controlMotion

Material Handling & Packaging
Hydraulic Actuating Systems
Elevators & Conveyer Belts
Traffic Control Systems
Rail Road Signaling
Food Processing
Process Control
Solar Trackers

Heating controlHeating

Professional Cooking Equipment
Medical Equipment
Plastics Industry
Steam Ovens

Power controlPower

Semiconductor Equipment
Panel Builders

Lighting controlLighting

Theater Lighting

Installation Sheets

All the details for proper installation of SeriesOne DR SSRs can be found here. Make sure you review the appropriate sheet for your SeriesOne DR Solid State Relay or Relay Timer.


Discover all the options and advantages that the SeriesOne DR product family offers.


Although SeriesOne DR Solid State Relays are ready-to-use, Crydom offers compatible ID markers to make their identification easier in your installation.

ID Markers ID Marker Strips
Blank Strips, Numbered 1 to 10 Strips & Numbered 11 to 20 Strips